The Evangelism Training Sessions below were originally delivered online via Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Most sessions include a Question & Answer session.

With lockdowns now lifted and restrictions easing considerably here in the UK, we are not planning to run on-line sessions during the Autumn. However, if the situation changes we are ready to start up again on-line and will notify all those who have previously registered.

Spring 2020
Personal Evangelism
Jesus for Sceptics
Evangelism that Understands Todays Culture
Evangelism in the Open Air
Evangelism Amongst the Cults
Children’s Evangelism
Principles for Preparing an Evangelistic Message
Evangelism Around the World
Making a Church an Evangelistic Church
Evangelism to Roman Catholics
Evangelism Around the UK

Autumn 2020
God:- The first evangelist
Old Testament Evangelists
John the Baptist:- The brief evangelist
The life and times of C H Spurgeon
Peter:- The pioneer evangelist
John:- The author evangelist
Wesley’s Evangelists
The Bethlehem Shepherds:- The unknown evangelists

Spring 2021
The Joys of Personal Witness
Isaiah – The Prophetic Evangelist
Andrew – The Personal Evangelist
The life and times of D L Moody
Philip – The Freelance Evangelist
Anna – The Female Evangelist
Paul – The Adaptable Evangelist
Jesus – The Divine Evangelist

Early Summer 2021
Learning from the Evangelists

Joe Kirby interviews Ray Comfort
Roger Carswell interviews Rico Tice
Roger Carswell interviews Becky Pippert
Roger Carswell interviews George Verwer
Martin Povey interviews Michael Ots
Vinny Commons interviews Gus Eyre
Michael Ots interviews Sam Chan

Other Audio

audio from the Association of Evangelists
audio from The FEW